eid Namaz ka tarika in english( How to perform Eid-ul-Adha prayer in Home)2020

How to perform Eid-ul-Adha(Bakrid) prayer(Namaz) in Home (eid Namaz ka tarika) Eid al Adha is the recognition of the sacrifice of Abraham. Abraham's primary preliminaries was to confront the order of Allah to execute his solitary child Ishmael. It was an incredibly troublesome difficult assignment for him since he cherished Ishmael the most. Anyway he accepted that Allah knows the best and his affection for Allah supplanted most importantly and consented to submit to Allah's will and set himself up for the heavenly sacrifice. At the point when he was totally arranged to do it, Allah uncovered to him that his "sacrifice" had just been satisfied when He had demonstrated that his adoration for his Lord supplanted all others by making an expectation for the sacrifice, that he would set out his own life or the lives of those dear to him so as to submit to Allah. At the point when Abraham was going to make the sacrifice his child got supplanted by a goat and the goat got y…

5 times namaz ka tarika(Prayer times) rakats in english

1)Fundamentally, the namaz times are set by the movement of the sun. The 5 times namaz names are:1)    Fazar     :-    4 Rakat (2 Sunnat +2 Farz).   2)  Johar     :-   12 Rakat (4 Sunnat + 4 Farz + 2 Sunnat + 2 Nafil) 3)3) Asar       :-    8 Rakat (4 Sunnat + 4 Farz) 4)4) Magrib    :-    7 Rakat (3 Farz + 2 Sunnat + 2 Nafil) 5)5)Isha       :-   17 Rakat (4 Sunnat + 4 Farz + 2 Sunnat + 2 Nafil + 3 Vitr + 2 Nafil)   Every namaz or salah has a different meaning and benefit for the devotees. Let’s get started above listed 5 times namaz one by one.
1. Fajr Namaz (Morning Prayer)Time for this prayer begins with the start of sunrise and stay till the sun rises. It is 4 Rakat prayer(Namaz) – 2 Rakats Farz and 2 Rakats Sunnat. It is trying to get up promptly toward the beginning of the day for supplication. Nonetheless, imploring toward the start of the day, help up your day. It gives you positive vitality and direction. The Hadith says, that whoever offers the Fajr prayers

Jumma namaz tarika in english

Jumma namaz Tarika
As-salamu Alaykum warahmatullah wa barakatuhu bismillah al-rahman al-rahim what hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen or sollallah wa sallim ala nabina muhammad and insha' Allah today we will take a brief introduction (Jumma namaz) about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is prayer what are the correct movements what are some of the misconceptions and what are the things that a person should say during his prayer when one offers his prayer he should make sure that he is upon proper level and he should make sure that they are facing the Qibla with the correct intention and they should offer the prayer standing. first step would be to raise one's arms up to shoulder height or up to the ear height while saying Allahu Akbar and demonstration of that will be such as this Allah ho Akbar , then you will place the right hand over the left hand, and that will be placed in the mid section the mid torso from this area up to the lower chest there are three ways in which a pe…