5 times namaz ka tarika(Prayer times) rakats in english


5 times Namaz


5 time Namaz rakat and namaz timings

Fundamentally, the namaz times are set by the movement of the sun.

The 5  times namaz names are:


         1) Fazar     :-

                 4 Rakat (2 Sunnat +2 Farz).

         2) Johar     :- 

                 12 Rakat (4 Sunnat + 4 Farz + 2 Sunnat + 2 Nafil)

         3) Asar       :- 

                  8 Rakat (4 Sunnat + 4 Farz)

              4) Magrib   :- 

                     7 Rakat (3 Farz + 2 Sunnat + 2 Nafil)

              5) Isha     :- 

                    17 Rakat (4 Sunnat + 4 Farz + 2 Sunnat + 2 Nafil + 3 Vitr + 2 Nafil)  

         Every namaz or salah has a different meaning and benefit for the devotees. Let’s get started above listed 5 times namaz one by one.


       1. Fajr Namaz (Morning Prayer)

            Time for this prayer begins with the start of sunrise and stay till the sun rises. It is 4 Rakat prayer(Namaz) – 2 Rakats Farz and 2 Rakats Sunnat. It is trying to get up promptly toward the beginning of the day for supplication. Nonetheless, imploring toward the start of the day, help up your day. It gives you positive vitality and direction. The Hadith says, that whoever offers the Fajr prayers(Namaz), Allah will ensure him for the duration of the day. In this way, attempt to offer Fajr prayers(Namaz) to look for the assurance and gifts of Allah Almighty for the duration of the day. Promptly in the first part of the day, holy messengers are sent by Allah Almighty to observe the Muslims who are offering Fajr supplications. Along these lines, it is critical to offer Fajr supplication as it spares from damnation. Timing Fajr 4:57 am.


         2. Johar Namaz (Noon Prayer)

        After the first prayer, Muslims  perform out their second supplication which is Johar(Dhuhr). They start with every day schedule occupations by offering the Johar supplication in the early afternoon. This supplication contains 4 Rakats of Sunnat, 4 Rakat Farz, at that point 2 Rakat Sunnat and 2 Rakat Nafil. The Hadith unmistakably says that during the Johar hour, the entryways of paradise are opened. Thus, it is imperative to carry out beneficial things right now. Also, offering Salah(Namaz) is the most significant around then. Allah Almighty showers his gifts on you in the event that you offer Johar prayers and will shield you from the fire of the Hell upon the arrival of judgment. You presumably will have no prize for some other great deeds you have done throughout everyday life, in that capacity on the off chance that you miss this supplication.Timing Duhur 12:18 pm.


           3. Asar Namaz (Afternoon Prayer)

        After the Johar prayer(Namaz), it is the ideal opportunity for the Asar supplication and it's time that begins toward the evening. This supplication involves 4 Rakat Sunnat before offering 4 Rakat Farz prayer. 4 Rakat Sunnat is Gair-Muqtada which implies it is rewardful on the off chance that you ask however no transgression on the off chance that you leave it. The Hadith makes reference to that whoever offers the Fajr and Asar prayers enters the Jannah. This supplication spares you from damnation and opens the entryway of Jannah for you. Allah will give you achievement in life just as in the great beyond. Asar prayer is significant for your well-being and family. To expand your riches, it is imperative to offer Asar supplications routinely.Timing Asar 3:31 pm. 


       4. Maghrib Namaz (Evening Prayer)

           The ideal opportunity for Maghrib prayer begins following the dusk however is offered before it is dim outside and the red light in the sky has disappeared. It has 7 Rakats which are 3 Rakats faraz, 2 Rakats Sunnat, and 2 Rakats Nafil. On the off chance that you miss the Maghrib prayers(Namaz), Allah will rebuff you in this world and furthermore in the great beyond. Allah will remove every one of his endowments from you. Your Dua's are not satisfied and at the hour of death, Allah will disrespect the individual who doesn't play out his supplications.Timing Maghrib 6:27 pm.


            5. Isha Namaz (Night Prayer)

          The last supplication of the day is Isha prayer(Namaz) and it's time begins when the hour of Maghrib supplication finishes and stays until late. It incorporates complete 17 Rakats enveloping 4 Rakats Sunnat, 4 Rakats farad, 2 Rakat Sunnat, 2 Rakat Nafil, 3 vitar, and 2 Rakat Nafil. In the event that you offer this prayer(Namaz), Allah will compensate you. Thus, ensure that you never miss the Isha petitions. Allah will tune in to your dua's and will shower his favors on you. As it is the last prayer of the day, in the event that you offer your supplication before rest, you have an increasingly tranquil night. For a serene rest, it is essential to offer your prayers before rest.Timing Isha 7:38 pm.

   Offering 5 times Namaz a day is one of the most significant mainstays of Islam. In any case, conditions do now and again emerge where a supplication time might be missed. Convention directs that Muslims should make up their missed prayer(Namaz) at the earliest opportunity after they pass up a major opportunity any.  I did try collaborating all the information about Namaz and its meaning. If you would like to add your points or suggest improvements then please let me know in the comments below.     





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